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What People Say About Us!

“We are just back from our Safari.  We all had such an amazing time. Honestly it blew all of our expectations. Thanks again for all your patience and hard work in helping us plan a trip of a lifetime,”
Mary Y., New York, NY

“Yes we are still recovering from Jet Lag.  The game viewing was all we could have dreamed for.  Yes, we did enjoy the camps and lodges.  Might as well experience all you can when you are there.  It was a trip of a lifetime. We will always treasure the memories,”
R & L Harris, Galt, CA

I can't thank you enough for putting together such a flawless trip. Every detail was thought of and that is reflective of the love you put into it. This will always be such a special trip for the four of us,”
Thomas E., Keene, NH

“Susan Wood was extremely helpful and sensitive to our needs … Contact A-Way-To-Africa for the best recommendations and prices!! Believe me when I say:  You started us on the right foot by patiently answering all my questions and volunteering more and more information.  Your personal support has been terrific,”
Curt & Gwenn F., Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

“Now that I am back to normal and have caught up on everything I wanted to send you a message to let you know that we enjoyed our safari immensely and to thank you so much for everything you did in planning our trip.  I so appreciate the thought that you put into developing our trip especially ensuring that our drive times were not too onerous … Again, I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness, professionalism, patience and knowledge,”
Caren R., Vancouver, Canada

“Susan, I just wanted to thank you for the best trip ever. I'm am already trying to decide when I am going back. Be assured I will contact you when I'm ready to plan my next trip,”
Monica B., Rockwell, NC

"I have been trying to find the words to express our recent safari trip to you, however I am now convinced those words do not exist. Please forgive my understatements. This was, by far, the best vacation we have ever taken. I want to thank you for all your input and for your professionalism. Our itinerary worked out very well and I can't think of anyway we could have improved on it without staying longer! You did a terrific job for us. The coffee tour at Tengeru Coffee Plantation was so informative ... the accommodations were quite lovely at each place we stayed ... the balloon ride was so exciting and more than I thought it could be. I have never been in a hot air balloon before and I can not think of any other place that I would have liked to experience my first voyage. The Spice Tour was much more than expected and included fruits and flowers. Thank you for your part in our trip of a life time."
P. Laney, Warsaw, Indiana

"Our family of 6 just returned from our 10 day safari, and I would just like to say that although I have personally traveled all over the world, this trip was one of the very best. The vehicle was perfect, the accommodations at the tent camps superb, the food good and wildlife amazing! ... None of us will ever forget Tanzania and the wonderful world we entered with your help ...,"
S. Chaiton, Toronto, Canada

Africa Safaris

"The experience was fantastic, one of the best times in my life. I felt a combination of childlike joy, excitement, wonder, and awe that I had not experienced in many years. The parks and Tanzania generally were incredible, beautiful, well cared for. People were welcoming, warm, and friendly. The animals, well, they were there in abundance, and we loved being with them. A-Way-To Africa Safaris (was) extremely helpful prior to our trip, and helped greatly in the planning of our trip. The semi-luxury tent option with special campsites was a perfect choice. The Toyota Land Cruiser was a perfect safari vehicle, and very well maintained. I would highly recommend A-Way-To Africa Safaris ... to anyone that chooses to go on a safari ... Overall, on a scale of 10, I would give the complete package of service a 9.75! Extremely positive, incredible experience …"
Jeff M., Rochester, NY

"We just returned from our safari trip in Tanzania. Aside from being horribly jet-lagged, we are totally thrilled with our experience. I wanted to thank you for your patience with a first timer to the continent, and all the answers you provided to my many questions. You read me right, and guided me to exactly the kind of trip I wanted ... the amount of time we spent at each locale was just right for us. Your suggestion to visit N'giresi village was on the mark. It was just... real. No one did anything special for us. We wandered around with appreciation for a totally different and surviving traditional way of life there ... I will happily recommend A-Way-To Africa Safaris to friends."
Jerry P., San Francisco, Ca.

"We loved our safari. The animals, the people, our accommodations, our guide ... The memories will be with Mum and I forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you ... We sung (A-Way-To Africa Safaris) praises all week!"
C. and N. Burkhart, Sydney, Australia.

"Excellent information sent prior to our trip. Friendly service, too!"
K. Boothroyd, Lancaster, United Kingdom

"Fantastic - a dream come true … everything was perfect … (A-Way-To Africa Safaris) did an excellent job in the length of our stays, choice of areas and accommodations. Fun, fantastic trip - I thank you so much."
S. Adams, Hopkinton, New Hampshire

"As (my husband) said, 'No one should leave this earth without going to Africa.' We thought our itinerary was perfect and we feel our trip was well planned. We took advantage of every walk/hike offered and therefore did not feel that we spent the whole time in a (vehicle),"
C. Dunning, Concord, New Hampshire

Africa Safaris

"The trip was much better than I ever expected. It was one of my best all time trips,"
Kenneth H., Rhinebeck, New York

"The sights and sounds are indescribable. The accommodations were really good. The food was good. I am so glad I took my Dad. He had a great experience,"
K. Herman, Milford, New Hampshire

"It was wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed each week of our safari. It truly was the trip of a lifetime and the entire experience exceeded our expectations in many areas. (A-Way-To Africa Safaris) you were a tremendous help in planning this trip. Thanks for all your help!"
S. Leintz, Buffalo, Minnesota

"(A-Way-To Africa Safaris) you made it fun all the way! Our safari was the once in a lifetime experience we had hoped for. We were shown a totally different world from ours. We experienced the bush with all its delights and surprises in comfort and style. Thank you … for arranging such a fantastic adventure for us,"
L. & J. Meyer, Renton, Washington

Africa Safaris

"We were well-prepared for all aspects of the trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip and can't wait to go back. Thank you for arranging the trip of a lifetime. (We) have traveled extensively but this was the most memorable yet. After the first two days we both agreed we'd gotten full value for the safari and that everything else was just gravy."
W. Potterton & L. Vallier, San Diego, California

"Our guide was AMAZING. He was very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. He and our cook made our trip! All around it was better then we expected. We can't say enough how awesome our guide and cook were as well as the good service you provided. Thanks for a great honeymoon."
Stephanie T. and Chad S., Ontario, Canada.

"Every living soul on this earth should experience a safari at some time in their life …the trip is as much spiritual as it is physical …It doesn't get any better. (A-Way-To Africa Safaris) thanks for going above and beyond. We will always be grateful. Thanks from an ecstatically satisfied customer."
Kevin J., New Brunswick, Canada